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Author: Brad Traversy
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Master Angular 5 from the basics to building an advanced application with Firebase's Firestore as well as authentication,
  • Build amazing single page applications using Angular 5+
  • Master Angular concepts
  • Understand the file and folder structure of an Angular application
  • Build a client management application with authentication and Firebase's Firestore
  • Integrate Bootstrap 4 into Angular projects
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    This course was crafted to benefit absolutely any level of developer. We will start from scratch and learn how to create a development environment for Angular 5+, Setup Angular CLI and learn all of the fundamentals. We start by building a sandbox application to look at all of the main Angular concepts as well as building a logging application, then move to a much more advanced client management system with authentication and data storing with Firebase's new Firestore platform.

    Here are some of the things you will learn about in this course:

    • What is Angular?
    • Dev Environment Setup Including Node.js, Visual Studio Code & Git Bash
    • Angular CLI Setup & Build
    • File Structure & Dependency Examination
    • TypeScript Intro
    • Components
    • Modules & NgModule
    • Data Binding & String Interpolation
    • Types & Interfaces
    • Template Syntax
    • ngIf & ngFor Conditional Directives
    • ngFor & Loops
    • Property Binding, ngClass & ngStyle
    • Pipes
    • Events & Forms
    • ngModel & 2 Way Binding
    • Services
    • Observables & Http
    • Angular Router
    • Firebase, Firestore & AngularFire2
    • Flash Messaging
    • Much More!!