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C# Basics for Beginners for C# Projects / C# Coding Interview Questions. C# .NET Programming Fundamentals to build logic,
  • Learning of C# language and .NET Framework
  • Fundamentals of C#
  • Build logic to programming in C#
  • Demonstration of C# Features
  • Step wise learning of C# language with building logic
  • Details of control statements with logic to write programs
  • Variety of programs to have great programming skill
  • Introduction of class and object
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    This "C# Basics for Beginners : Learn C# Programming and .NET" course provides good understanding of C# fundamentals and build logic to have good C# programming skill.

    Development of a product requires great understanding of implementation language and good programming skill to do the implementation. The complexity of real world application requires the use of strength of language and programming skills to provide robust, flexible and efficient solution. C# provides the simplicity of programming, Object Oriented capability and lot of rich features to stand with changing demand of current world application requirement.

    This course is first one in my Complete C# Design and Development course series-

    • C# Basics for Beginners : Learn C# Programming and .NET

    • C# Programming : Object Oriented Programming in C# .NET

    • Advanced C# : Empower Yourself with Advanced C# Skills

    • Design Patterns In C# Made Simple

    This "C# Basics for Beginners : Learn C# Programming and .NET" tutorial explains the fundamentals of C# in step-wise manner. It makes you learn the C# programming by good understanding of fundamentals and building the programming logic. All the topics have been explained in simple way. You will also see the demonstration of source code implementation for each topic. This course will help you to learn C# programming. You will learn fundamentals and C# programming skills which will help in developing/managing C# solution for software projects. You will be able to understand and implement all the C# basics programming techniques and apply in C# projects. This tutorial will also help you to present yourself well for C# programming coding interview questions.

    Right now course covers following topics-

    • C# and .NET

    • Elements of C#

    • Input and Output

    • Operators and Expressions

    • Control Statements

    • Class, Method and Object

    This course will be expanded soon, some of the topics that will be added are-

    • Arrays

    • Strings

    • Debugging C# Application

    Course will be updated with adding new topics and existing topics will be provided in detail to have good understanding of C# basics and programming skills to build the technical strength and shape your career.

    In this C# basics programming course, I have used Visual Studio Professional, you can use Free Community edition.

    This Learn C# basics programming online course on udemy will be great help to developers for learning C# basics and building C# programming logic. Also it will be a good complement to any book/tutorial.

    What Students Say-

    "Very good. Explain very well. Speed a little fast sometime but overall good. Keep going."

    "Liked the details of information resulting in ease of learning. Enjoying it the most."

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