Complete Python GUI With Tkinter - Two Real World Projects, available in udemy

Author: Hara Gopal
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Master Class on How to Build Robust And Internet Enabled Cross Platform Python GUI Applications with Python and Tkinter,
  • Build Cross Platform Internet Enabled Python GUI Applications using Python and Tkinter
  • Learn To work with Tkinter Widgets, Command Callbacks, and Events
  • Build a Image Viewer Application that also displays EXIF data / Meta Data
  • Connect to the Internet using Python's Requests library and learn how to access data from Any API
  • Along the way you'll build smaller Tkinter Applications to reinforce the concepts learned
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    In this Tkinter Master Class You'll learn how to build Robust, Cross-Platform, Internet Enabled Python GUI Applications using Python and Tkinter. We'll start from the very basics such as creating various widgets, learn how to make Tkinter Applications Interactive by adding command callbacks and event-driven programming. You'll also learn how to Package and Distribute Tkinter Applications so that you can share them with your Friends, Colleagues or Customers. All you need to know is the basics of Python. I'll also teach you the concepts of Object Oriented Programming in Python to the extent necessary

    Along the way we'll build tiny Applications that will reinforce the concepts learned and at the end of the course, we'll build two Awesome Real World Applications together. The first one is an Image Viewer Application that let's you browse through the Images on your Computer and also displays the EXIF Data or Meta Data, like the Date on which the Image was taken, Focal length, Aperture of the Lens, and other Camera settings

    With the second Application you'll Learn the most import aspect of building any Desktop application, that is "Connecting to the Internet". Without this ability Applications will be Boring, Bland, and not so Useful. Connecting to the Internet opens many possibilities and you'll have the power to build any kind of Modern Desktop Applications. In this project you'll Learn how to connect to the Internet, Scrape data from websites, and also learn how to access data from Thousands of APIs on the Internet (Project: Access Movie Data from the Open Movie Database API)