Create a Peer to Peer Donation Platform:PHP|MySQL|2:1MATRIX, available in udemy

Author: Macjoe Umanah
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Master PHP, PDO,MySQL,OOP, Javascript, jQuery by building a peer to peer Donation Platform|2:1 MATRIX(Multiple packages),
  • Build your own peer to peer(P2P) Donation Platform in PHP(OOP), MySQL, Javascript, jQuery
  • Program a 2:1 matrix logic(multiple packages) in PHP and MySQL. Flexible enough to be extended by students who take the course
  • You will learn OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and MySQL with PDO
  • You will learn how to use phpMyAdmin to create and manage your databases and tables with data
  • You will learn to use forms to submit data to databases
  • You will learn how to filter and validate data that comes from HTML forms
  • Implement specific functionalities in any web project using selected jQuery plugins e.g Countdown timer,Background images, Gritter image for notification, Input fields validation e.t.c
  • How to use Sweet Alert: A Javascript code library
  • How to use promises in Javascript to keep track of users interaction with Sweet Alert
  • How to deploy a Web Application to a Production Server
  • Account activation by email, using PHPMailer PHP library
  • Set up Cronjob to execute scripts at specific time intervals
  • How to use Ajax with php
  • Implement Gritter Image notification with a Jquery Plugin
  • Validate form fields with a Jquery Plugin
  • Implement Countdown Timer with a Jquery Plugin
  • You will learn how to create dynamic web pages
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    The ULTIMATE guide to creating a 2:1 matrix  Peer to Peer(P2P) Donation System in PHP and MySQL. Ever wanted to create a Platform to enable people operate a MUTUAL FINANCIAL COMMUNITY(A system where people can give and receive help using money as the means of transaction)? If yes, then this course is for you. This course will show you step by step how to create a platform where users can help one another using money as means of transaction. This is not one of those courses where you are made to write  CODE without fully understanding how things fit together. Every LINE OF CODE we write to build this web app will be explained in very SIMPLE TERMS , that i can guarantee you. Users of this platform will be able to do the following

    • Sign up and Login(Enhanced using Ajax)

    • Update their profile

    • Opt into a package offered on the platform($10, $20, $50, $100, $150)

    • Make payments to users qualified to receive 100% ROI(return on investment) having paid another participant on the platform

    • Make payments within a stipulated period of time after which the receiving user will have access to a purge button to get rid of a non-compliant user

    • Get remerged or assigned another user incase of a deficit in payment from previous users merged to make payments

    • Recycle or opt into an entirely different package offered on the website after cycling out of the package currently enrolled in

    • Notify receiving user that a payment has been made to them and much more..........

    Wether you are completely new to Object Oriented Programming in PHP or you already have some experience using Object Oriented PHP, this course will be greatly beneficial to you. This course assumes that you know atleast a little of HTML and CSS .

    WHY enrol?

       Valuable Skills

    I can certainly guarantee you that this course will give you hands on experience in using Object Oriented PHP, you will learn how to use MySQL with PDO to build any dynamic website. You will also become more proficient in Javascript  by creating functions to achieve specific features in the project we will be building in this course. You will become more familiar with Ajax as we will be using it to Sign up and Login a user. Also in this course you will use selected jQuery plugins to achieve functionalities like the Countdown Timer,input fields validation, gritter image for notification and much more.

    After completing this course, you will have the fundamental Skills and Technical Know How to build any web application using Object Oriented PHP(OOP), MySQL and PDO.

    24/7 Support

    By enrolling in this course, you will have my COMPLETE support . I will always be there to answer any questions you might have as you progress with this course, be it errors that occur will writting the code for the project,general programming advice, features request e.t.c

    Project Portfolio

    The project we build in this course can be used as part of your portfolio project to showcase to your potential employers to bid for jobs that require the technical skills covered in this course.