Git Beginner, available in udemy

Author: Bharat Khiani
Provided by udemy
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A comprehensive course on git and github for beginners covering commands on the linux terminal.,
  • Work with GIT commands on the terminal
  • Record changes to your source code files in commits
  • Use branches, reset, revert and other well-known features in GIT
  • Publish your projects on github and collaborate with other developers
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    This course covers git - the popular version control tool used by developers everywhere. The course has video lectures demonstrating key concepts one needs to know.

    The video lectures cover various commands that can be issued on the terminal.  Accross the videos the students go on builinding up their knowledge of commands that can be issued on the terminal.  I have tried to cover most of the scenarios a developer would encounter when using git. 

    There are many ways to approach a topic.  The way I have covered git in this course is my personal approach.  What has been easier for me to remember and implement is what I have covered in the course.  I sometimes use diagrams to demonstrate concepts and then implement them on the terminal. 

    I am sure this course will help shorten the amount of time it takes for a student or developer to conceptually understand how the commands work on the terminal and how the repository is affected.  I wish those who enroll, all the best, in their journey.