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Author: Nevyan Neykov
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Start learning JavaScript in small steps, understand how JavaScripts applications work, gain confidence in programming !,
  • Understand how to create programs in JavaScript
  • Learn the Document Object Model
  • Create real JavaScript code projects
  • Learn functional JavaScript programming
  • Learn how to handle basic data structures via conditions and loops
  • Get to know the practical insights of the JavaScript language
  • Learn ES6 in practice
  • Become Junior to Middle level javascript programmer
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    I created this course to inspire your interest in JavaScript, by leading you through the language basics. The examples shown in the course are developed and improved following my offline courses after receiving students' feedback. During the course, you will only need a web browser where you will code, run and play live with the examples and exercises. The material covered is enough to get you started as a junior to middle JavaScript developer.

    The course will help you to understand how basic to more-complex JavaScript programs work by exploring the language's variables, data structures, loops, conditionals, functions, work with objects and many more. In the second part of the course, we will explore how we can use JavaScript in order to interact with the browser using DOM.

    Next, there are multiple real JavaScript projects, for you to follow along and understand the practical application of the language. You will be building: "carousel slider", "to-do list", "shopping cart" functionality and many more.

    During the last project you will learn how to create a functional product search. Products will be filtered against partial searches including lower or uppercase keywords. All the project files are logically organized within JavaScript modules. Initially products details are saved in a JSON format file, later to be served to the users. Then you will construct and use a service, allowing the products source and subsequent queries to it, to be changed easily causing no impact on the application logic. Later you will learn on how to save bandwidth by delaying user keystroke responses, as well as how to implement object caching. Topics included in the project include:

    • promises

    • proxies

    • data binding

    • working with arrays via .map() and .filter()

    • regular expressions

    • modules

    • creating services

    • using the fetch() method to retrieve JSON based data

    • using sting literals inside of templates

    • event listeners

    In the Animations section you will learn how to create CSS animations, that are known to improve the overall user interface interaction and website experience. There are presented several ways on how to create modern CSS animations from scratch and how to control them via JavaScript. You will learn several techniques of creating practical easily adjustable animations and transitions using CSS and JavaScript such as:
    * slide-revealing menu
    * hamburger menu
    * UI toggle button
    * page loader waiting for page resources to fully load
    * how to start an animation when a specific element is in browser's view, and handle the end of an animation

    If you experience problems understanding any of the course concepts mentioned, I advise you to write me a message, so I can answer your questions.

    Last but not least, at the end of the course, you will acquire confidence in your abilities to create functional JavaScript programs.

    So go ahead, start your browser and let's try the examples !

    The course content is being updated regularly !