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The complete Python bootcamp for 2023. Learn Python 3 from beginner to expert. Build complete Python applications.,
  • Master programming in Python, a popular language that powers codebases in tech companies like Instagram, Pinterest, Dropbox and more
  • Dive into the mechanics of Python's data structures including strings, lists, dictionaries, tuples, and sets
  • Apply your knowledge to solve common interview questions, algorithms and coding challenges
  • Explore a dynamic curriculum with videos, quizzes, written assignments, in-browser coding challenges and more
  • Progress from core language fundamentals to advanced features like classes, decorators and unit testing
  • Build complete projects including card games, web scraping tools, and more!
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    Student Testimonials:

    • The course is extremely well organized with tons of great explanations and exercises for each and every topic imaginable! The instructor is a very good teacher, and gives great feedback, while rapidly answering any questions you may have. Highly recommend the course to anyone interested in Python or programming in general. - Sathvik H.

    • The most comprehensive and personalized learning experience in a programming course. Highly recommend to anyone interested, regardless of experience! - Danny N.

    • The instructor is great. Everything is really well explained. Appropriate for complete beginners as a intro to programming if that is needed. Also good if you are coming from other languages. The instructor also speaks super clearly. - Jon

    Learn to Code with Python is a comprehensive introduction to programming in Python, the most popular programming language in the world. Python powers codebases in companies like Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Dropbox, and more. It is used in a variety of disciplines including data science, machine learning, web development, natural language processing, and more.

    Over more than 58 hours of video content, we'll tackle the language from A to Z, covering everything you need to know about Python to be an effective developer in 2020.

    The course is jam-packed with:

    • 58+ hours of video, with new content added frequently

    • FREE 300-page PDF study manual with all the code samples written throughout the course

    • 60+ coding challenges that you can complete in your browser

    • 40+ multiple-choice quizzes

    • 35+ written assignments

    • Complete programming projects including Texas Hold-Em Poker

    Learn to Code with Python is designed from the ground up to take you from novice to professional. Complete beginners are welcome; no prior experience is needed!  Over 400+ videos, we'll work our way from language fundamentals to advanced features. Topics covered include...

    • Setup & Installation

    • Variables

    • Data types

    • Functions and Methods

    • Control Flow

    • Lists and tuples

    • Dictionaries

    • Sets

    • Modules

    • Decorators

    • Classes

    • Exception Handling

    • The Python Standard Library

    • Unit testing

    • Regular Expressions

    • Virtual Environments

    • Web Scraping

    ...and more!

    Throughout the entire journey, I'll be coding alongside you step by step in the code editor. You'll also have the opportunity to test your knowledge through numerous coding challenges, quizzes, and written assignments.

    Python holds a special place in my heart -- it was the first language I ever learned! I'm honored to be able to pass on years of knowledge to a new group of avid learners. Whether you are a novice who's never written a line of code before or an experienced developer looking to dive into a new language, there’s something for you to enjoy in Learn to Code with Python.

    Thanks for checking out the course!