Master JavaScript from Scratch (with jQuery and React JS), available in udemy

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Learn and Understand Core JavaScript programming from the root and be able to build web apps using jQuery and React Js.,
  • Understand core concepts of programming.
  • Understand JavaScript Programming language from the root.
  • Be confident to build web apps using jQuery.
  • Be confident to build web apps using React Js.
  • Get comfortable working with AJAX
  • Learn JavaScript Programming from absolute scratch
  • Learn and Understand JavaScript Data Types
  • Learn and Understand JavaScript Object
  • Learn and Understand JavaScript Operators
  • Learn and Understand JavaScript Loops
  • Learn and Understand JavaScript Functions
  • Primitive Types, Reference Types and Execution Context
  • Learn and Understand JavaScript Arrays
  • Get comfortable with window object in the DOM
  • Learn jQuery from Scratch
  • Learn to make AJAX calls
  • Learn to use Geolocation data
  • Build App - News of the day
  • Build App - Weather App
  • Wikipedia Live Search App
  • Modern JavaScript - ES6
  • React - Up and Running
  • Building React apps using create-react-app
  • Learn routing with React using React Router DOM
  • Deploying jQuery and React apps to Github
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    Finally the course has arrived which will make you a Professional JavaScript Developer from Scratch

    This one course is all you need to understand Core JavaScript Fundamentals and start building real applications using most popular, most in-demand and most amazing Javascript libraries like jQuery and React js.

    The highlight of this course is the knowledge it will give you about the Core JavaScript Programming, which will give you a solid understanding of how the code you are writing actually works behind the scene.

    Knowing how the program you write will work behind the scene is an amazing skill to have. It gives you all the confidence and joy you need in order to become a successful Web Developer.

    Another advantage of this course for you is the the ability it will give you to pick up any other programming language such as PHP or Ruby

    You will have an easy time learning new language or framework. Because all the programming languages share the same core fundamentals. And you will be mastering those core concepts in this course.

    What other students have to say about this course?

    This is the best course about javascript on this earth. just awesome. - Shakir Ahmad

    I love his teaching style. I have been using several different resources to teach myself Javascript, including W3schools and Freecodecamp, and I finally feel like I'm "getting" it. The instructor takes his time to explain everything clearly and uses console to check every single input, which I appreciate, that way you can check along with him to see how it's working. - Dylan Wood

    Nice course curriculum and methodology. This is course is perfect for people who is starting with JavaScript. The course content is complete. It helped me to understand all the concepts clearly by demonstrating by step by step. Thank you so much. - Umesh Shirur

    The course is taught in detail and perfect for beginners. - Abin Shrestha

    Nice tutorial for absolute begginers . Very simple clear and direct point to point. - Vamc Krishna Yadav

    A nice course, not only for those who's new to javascript world but also for a day-to-day frontend dev. - Duc Hong Quach

    If you just want to learn React only there are a lot of other courses, but this one is perfect if you want to learn from the basics. Especially with the jQuery part, where that library is a very good example to learn how to manipulate the HTML DOMs. - Prabu Rangki

    A very good, unique, to the point course. I have gone through many courses but finally my find is over with this one. - Anish Jangra

    Ok great, but just learning a language is not enough and gets boring overtime. That is why, as soon as we finish with the core JavaScript fundamentals, we will begin building real applications

    You will be building 4 Real World Applications using jQuery and React. Yeah, this course will teach you basics of jQuery, ES6 and React too. 

    You will also learn to push your projects to GitHub pages for free hosting. This way you can build your own portfolio mand include at least those 4 projects you will build by the end of this course.

    And the immense knowledge you will gain from this course will prepare you to build more apps for sure.

    Lastly, I will always help each and every student who needs help in regard to this course via Udemy’s Q&A section or via Social Media.

    Here is a glimpse of this course. Make sure to check the course table of contents for more details:

    • Learn core programming fundamentals in JavaScript

    • Understand core JavaScript  in organized order

    • Understand Object Oriented JavaScript 

    • You will be able to learn any other programming language other than javascript too. Because you will learn the core programming fundamentals that shared by most of the programming languages.

    • JavaScript, ObjectsFunctionsPrototype and Constructors

    • Learn jQuery

    • Learn ES6

    • Learn React

    • Build 4 Real world project

    • 192 lectures with over 13 hours of valuable content