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Learn to develop cross OS desktop apps with hottest JS framework for desktop app creation,
  • Build Real World Apps with Electron
  • Master core concepts of Electron Framework
  • Learn to design API based apps
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    A complete hands-on, project-based course to help you master the brilliant Electron Framework in an easy and efficient way!

    Traditional programming and coding are not only time consuming but also frustrating, especially with the different platforms that are currently one the market. This is why frameworks are a boon for developers who want to develop apps and websites for multiple platforms.

    Electron is one of the most popular framework for designing and developing cross-platform and cross-browser apps that are dynamic and interactive in nature. The best part is that people don’t have to learn multiple different languages, as apps and websites can be built in Electron using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

    Electron was originally developed as a shell for the Atom Editor and from there has evolved to become one of the most popular cross-platform frameworks on the market. Electron allows the development of desktop GUI applications using front and back end components originally developed for web applications. It also serves main GUI framework behind several notable open-source projects such as GitHub's Atom, Microsoft's Visual Studio Code source code editors and the Light Table IDE. It allows building cross-platform and cross-browser apps that run exactly the same even in the future.

    If you want a hands-on resource to help you learn how to start building your apps in Electron, well then we’ve got just the course for you! This is a project-based course will help you bridge the gap between theory and practical to help you understand both and actually get you started building apps with Electron.

    In this course, you will learn what is Electron, how to install the system and set it up. From there, you will learn exactly how to use Electron by actually building five different projects with it.

    Five Projects covered in this course:

    • Pomodoro Clock: Learn how to build a complete clock from scratch, as well as how to set the timer logic, and integrate sounds as well as add multiple clocks.

    • Tic Tac Toe Game: In this project, you will design the game board, add the Xs and Os and add notifications to your game.

    • Weather App: In this app, you will learn how to integrate an API and get it to fetch data from another source. You will also learn how to gather data from the internet and how to display that data on the app.

    • Currency Converter: This will also include using an API, and you will learn how to actually create conversions from one currency to the other.

    • Body Mass Index: In this app, you will learn how to calculate the BMI by using a person’s weight and height. You will learn how to add calculations to your logic in this app

    Enroll now and become a master developer with the Electron Framework!