Python 3: Project-based Python, Algorithms, Data Structures, available in udemy

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Learn programming with Python 3; visualize Algorithms and Data Structures and implement them in projects with Python,
  • Learn Python 3 from scratch, in-depth
  • Understand the fundamentals of programming languages
  • Learn to visualize Algorithms, Data Structures, Program Execution and Information flow
  • Learn to use Python to build projects
  • Algorithms (basic to advanced) - sort, search, insert, delete
  • Data Structures - elementary to complex
  • Become proficient in technical interview topics
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    Join the most comprehensive and beginner friendly course on learning to code with Python - one of the top programming languages in the world - and using it to build Algorithms and Data Structures with Projects utilizing them from scratch.

    You will get:

    1) 14+ hours of animation heavy instructional video

    2) 14 coding exercises using Udemy's internal python coding environment

    3) Quizzes to test your understanding at every step

    4) 80+ Python scripts with practice exercises and lecture notes

    5) Live help channel and designated office hours with the instructor

    6) Multiple assessment tests to test your progress

    7) A free Python e-book

    and much, much more!

    This course is truly one of a kind and focused solely on your learning.

    Check out some of the amazing reviews it's receiving:

    From Ryan - "I've only had it for one day and it's been absolutely incredible. Wonderful instructor that does a terrific job of explaining complex topics. I'm not even a quarter of the way in and I already feel that I've gotten exponentially more than what I paid."

    From Jason - "Great course, the instructor is clearly well-versed with Python programming and gives very clear instruction. I particularly found the algorithms and data structures section to be valuable. Strongly recommend this course, the best Python programming course I've taken by a significant margin."

    From Rob - "As a software engineer that needs to get up to speed on some Python for a data-science project, this was perfect. It's in-depth where it needs to be, clear, and very well put together."

    I will walk you step-by-step through the fascinating world of Python programming using visualizations of programs as they execute, algorithms as they run and data structures as they are constructed. Nothing is left to the imagination, we'll see it all and then build it all.

    Since it caters to a broad spectrum of students, the course is split in two parts, part 1 focusing on the Python programming language and part 2 focusing on Algorithms, Data Structures, Performance Analysis and larger scale projects. Details below:

    Part 1: Python and programming fundamentals

    • Text - Strings

    • Numbers - Ints and Floats

    • Execution flow control - Branching with if/elif/else

    • Compound data types - Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples, Sets

    • Iterables and Iteration with generators, for and while loops and more!

    • Functions, execution context and frames, building custom functions

    • List comprehension

    • Lambda expressions

    • Generators and creating your own generators with yield

    • Objects and building classes, methods, special methods

    • Reading from and writing to files using context managers

    • Projects

    • Visualization with each topic and more!

    Part 2: Algorithms, Data Structures and Performance Analysis

    • Sorting algorithms (basic) - Bubble sort, Selection sort, Insertion sort

    • Sorting algorithms (advanced) - Merge sort, Quick sort

    • Big O notation, complexity analysis, divide and conquer, math visualizations

    • Recursion in-depth with examples

    • Searching algorithms - Bisection search, hashing

    • Data Structures with Linked lists, Stacks, Queues, Trees, Binary Search Trees

    • Operations with Data structures - insert, search, update, delete

    • Multiple projects with increasing level of complexity that tie the concepts together

    • Visualizations of every algorithm, data structure and operations and more!

    So whether you are interested in learning the top programming language in the world in-depth

    OR interested in learning the fundamental Algorithms, Data Structures and performance analysis that make up the core foundational skillset of every accomplished programmer/designer or software architect

    OR you are looking to ace your next technical interview 

    OR all 3 above - This is the course for you!

    And on top of that, it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied in any way, you will not only get your money back but you also get to keep the free e-book and tons of downloadable practice exercises and code just for trying it out!

    So what are you waiting for? Learn to code with Python while building projects and implementing algorithms and data structures, and gain a core competency in Computer Science that will advance your career and increase your knowledge in the most effective way!