Python - From Beginner to Winner, available in udemy

Author: Meir Gabay
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Python course. Learn Python 3 basics from scratch, no need for any prior knowledge in programming.,
  • Fundamental concepts in programming and best practices
  • The things you NEED to know, leaving out the things you 'should' know
  • Maximum lecture duration is no more than 10 minutes
  • Setting up a development environment
  • Python 3 and its great features
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    Are you looking for a Python course? You've come to the right place!
    In this course, you will learn the fundamental concepts of programming by developing applications in Python 3.

    Upon completing this Python course, you will possess the necessary skills for creating a fully-blown developing environment for Python and the very basics of Python programming.

    Course structure


    1. Micro-learning - The maximum lecture duration is no more than 10 minutes!

    2. Each lecture will focus on covering concepts that can frustrate 'first-timers.'

    3. Learn concepts and theory before jumping to practical examples

    4. Meaningful examples for exercises