Python Scapy Network Programming & Automation with examples, available in udemy

Author: Network Interfaze
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Scripting TCP/IP network tools & packets, with Scapy Python for network engineers,Ethical Hacking, Protocol Testing,
  • Learn to build your own network tools and scripts using Python & Scapy
  • Build Projects with Python and Scapy to develop network packet injectors, network scanners, spoofing tools, network speed testing tools.
  • How to make your own TCP/IP network packets like ping, ARP, TCP etc with Scapy
  • Understand the different types of TCP/IP protocol headers like IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, Ethernet
  • Learn the basics of packet crafting framework Scapy
  • Learn to code different types of protocols with Scapy
  • How to append , send and receive packets at different layers with Scapy
  • Learn Packet Crafting Concepts
  • How to integrate Python with Scapy
  • Practical analysis and verification of the scripts and tools
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    The Python Scapy programming course for network and IT engineers teaches how to perform network scripting and code your own network scripts and tools using Scapy Python combination for different areas like network engineering, network scanning, penetration testing , Protocol testing and packet crafting. It contains scapy tutorials with examples which explains fundamentals of packet crafting. The course explains how to craft packets with Scapy and how to integrate and automate it with Python to write your own network programs and tools. The course use python scapy examples and projects where the actual working of the scripts along with detailed explanation of the code is provided. Scapy is a packet crafting framework which is used for creating custom scripts and tools. It is used to create different types of TCP/IP headers like IP, TCP, UDP , ARP etc. The course contains scapy tutorials for beginners and to write your own custom packets. It also teaches how to code and automate network automation activity by using Python as a wrapper. The examples and projects which are used in the course are used for real time network testing, security testing, network monitoring, network analysis, protocol testing and more. Details of the code used in the examples and projects are explained in detail.