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Build the React JS and Redux apps of your dreams! Learn JavaScript, ES6, APIs, and Full Web App Development in ReactJS!,
  • Build entire ReactJS and Redux applications from scratch.
  • Develop apps that deal with APIs and web requests.
  • Understand how to develop Redux apps with actions, reducers, and the Redux store.
  • Create Web Apps that use advanced redux mechanics like asynchronous actions and redux middleware.
  • Use ES6 and advanced JavaScript techniques to more efficiently code.
  • Use animations to create compelling User Interfaces and Experiences.
  • Add external libraries to React projects like react-bootstrap, react-router-dom, and more.
  • Build multi-page applications with dynamic routes and links.
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    Updated for 2023! React, React Redux, React Hooks, In-depth JavaScript, resume-worthy projects, and more!

    You will become an in-demand software engineer by taking this course on React JS and Redux. As one of the most popular pairs of frameworks, learning React and Redux is a must. Simply put, learning React will open doors and jobs for you.

    This project-based course will have you coding right away. By building four carefully thought-out example applications, you will sharpen your skills in modern web development.

    * First, learn the essentials of ReactJS by going through the main concepts.

    * Then build your first React application to get familiar with the essentials.

    * Create your first Redux application to learn how to pair this elegant and complex framework with React.

    * Next, build an application that uses an API along with routing for multiple pages.

    * Finally, build an additional app that works with another API and has more advanced redux mechanics.

    You’ll not only learn React and Redux, but get comfortable with popular libraries like react-bootstrap, react-router-dom, and more. Plus, you’ll find a secret recipe to Redux that boils it down to three simple steps!


    [2023 Update]

    Also, this course contains optional content in Nextjs, React 18, and In-Depth JavaScript. Continue your learning React journey beyond hooks, here in this course!

    Nextjs and React 18 are the modern ways to make a React application. In this course, you will also build a production-level Nextjs and React 18 project. During the Nextjs and React 18 project section, you will:

    • Go more into depth with server and client components.

    • Learn Nextjs server actions.

    • Explore the React 18 useTransition hook.

    • Expand upon Nextjs fundamentals, and create a shared layout structure.

    • Create dynamic segments with Nextjs and learn generateStaticParams.

    • Explore React Suspense and React lazy.

    • Dive deeper into advanced Nextjs hooks like useSelectedLayoutSegments, and useSearchParams.

    • Explore the React 18 useDeferredValue hook.

    • Learn how to deploy a Nextjs application.

    Then follow with a bounty of In-Depth JavaScript content. During the In-Depth JavaScript section, you will find videos on:

    * The Console, Operators, and Variables, Arrays, Objects.

    * Functions - Declarations vs. Expressions, and Arrow Functions

    * Methods and the `this` Keyword

    * Callbacks

    * A Dynamic Language and Types - "Almost Everything is an Object"

    * Equality and Type Coercion

    * Let, Const, Mutability, Var, and Scope

    * Interview Question | Scope and Hoisting

    * Template Literals and Ternary Operators

    * The Property Shorthand and Destructuring Assignment

    * JSON parse, JSON stringify, Custom and Lodash CloneDeep

    * Closures

    * Function Factories, and Higher Order Functions

    * Prototypes and the Prototype-Based Inheritance, Object Prototype, __proto__, and the prototype chain

    * Asynchronous Code with SetTimeout

    * Fetch and Promise from Scratch

    * JavaScript Engine and Runtime

    * Await and Async


    So what are you waiting for? Take the dive into React and Redux. Let’s get started coding!