The Complete Flutter and Firebase Developer Course, available in udemy

Author: Nathan GloverRico Beti
Provided by udemy
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Build Stunning Serverless Android & iOS Apps using Google’s great new mobile UI framework.,
  • Build a Beautiful Flutter App from scratch
  • Dart Programming experience for other Frontend and Mobile projects
  • Cloud Firestore Database integration for our Flutter App
  • Firebase Authentication for our Flutter App
  • Firebase Functions to safely handle changes to Cloud Firestore
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    Flutter is Google's brand NEW mobile UI framework build to make developing beautiful and functional interfaces for both iOS and Android natively. Flutter Apps are written in a language called Dart, which is a simple client/server language that you'll learn along the way!

    This course is designed specifically for people just starting out with Flutter and Mobile development who want to build a fully functioning, app that serves a real purpose. You'll learn how to tie your app into Firebase services in order to make it truly Serverless.

    Some of the Firebase Services you'll learn along the way:

    • Cloud Firestore - NoSQL Cloud Database
    • Firebase Storage - Raw Cloud File storage
    • Google Sign-in Authentication - Plus options to add sign-in for GitHub, Facebook, Email etc.
    • Firebase Functions - Write a number of Cloud functions that our app with use to safely handle requests